So I finally got the chance / courage to play out somewhere other than my sitting room. Never mind that the Four Quarters was a graveyard with a dozen or so disinterested punters on a non-bank holiday Sunday night. How long had it been I thought? It was twelve years. Twelve. What exactly had happened? I had all the gear, all the tunes on vinyl (watched the mp3 revolution come and go), was really into it… at some point I had obviously stepped off and started doing other things. I tracked back and moving around a lot was the killer. If you move house / flat / country several times in the space of a few short years then dragging around a mixer, decks, and several hundred records becomes a nightmare. If you are surviving for the first year in London on £17k with paying rent and bills, although it is a stretch to call it a hand to mouth existence, it certainly doesn’t lend itself to a weekly trip to Phonica – or any shop for that matter – for some indulgence.

Anyway at some point over the last couple of years, now I am settled and have my own space, I bought myself a cheap mixer from the pawn shop on Walworth Road. I restarted that bad habit of Saturday “back in the day” of driving the shop staff crazy with listening to loads of second hand cheap 12″s on their turntables. The chance to play out was great! Minor adrenaline kick, so much love and happiness to hear the music I’ve been playing with projected out on a loud sound system like that. NEED MORE OF IT. Let’s see what happens.

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