Peckham Audio

I went down to the opening night of Peckham Audio a few weeks back, even though I was still a bit wrecked from attending Seefeel at the Printworks the night before, and also had an appointment at the later session of Wet Sounds up in Walthamstow the following evening. But I wanted to check it out. It’s a new collaboration between local hangout Bermondsey Social Club and perennial fun favourite the Four Quarters on Rye Lane. Even their regular bouncer had been reassigned to keep watch in here. It’s in the basement of that slightly-incongruous-to-its-surroundings, brand new black painted space that’s been developed at the front of the Bussey Building. Ronan from Inner Totality and Hollick from No Bad Days were playing support to Khotin from Pacific Rhythm, which is a small label run out of Vancouver. Would I get in trouble if I said I preferred the support to the main act? I didn’t stay until the very end so really I shouldn’t judge.

Peckham Audio is a nicely structured club / gig space, with small discreet booths with subtly changing coloured lights at the back, and tiered drinks ledges around the edges of a square shaped dancefloor, with a capacity of about… 200 maybe? I am rubbish with numbers. I tried to take some photos but they looked like shit in the dark. I paid only a hundred quid for the phone new and I guess now I see why it was cheap. I didn’t want to be that guy taking loads of photos in a club at any rate, so gave up on it fairly sharpish. The sound was clear and loud but not deafening, perfectly suited to an old fart like myself. I’m less enthused these days about seeing DJs elevated on a stage, I like to see the action at eye level, but that doesn’t always work on a practical level – I plead 100% guilty to dropping a full glass pint while dancing around the decks in my distant past, so I can’t whine. I’m also considerably happy about a club like this being buried in a basement where there is no mobile phone signal. Rather than spending a quarter of your time looking at your phone to see if your mates are on their way, it obligates you to just say fuck it, throw yourself into the music, and not stress so much about the time passed or yet to come.

The crowd were into the music, up dancing, and not many standing around the edges. Friendly too, which makes a nice change, I got chatting to a few random strangers in the crowd and at the bar about music, life, etc. They’ve managed to get a very comprehensive lineup organised for the next few months already, a mix of gigs and clubs from a reasonably wide array of genres, something in there for everyone (within reason). So two big thumbs up for Peckham Audio then, get yourself down there some time soon. Little snags like some electrical gear still being exposed on the steps, and the smell / taste of freshly poured concrete are probably even gone as I write this. I look forward to the odd messy night there in the coming years. Congrats to all involved in getting the space set up.

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